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Homelessness: Articles & Databases

Library and online sources about homelessness

Covering the Crisis

Homeless in Hawaii: Covering the Crisis is a collaboration of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now.
In addition to daily news articles, there are videos and information about projects and programs to assist homeless in Hawai‘i.

Tents along Kapalama Canal across HCC
Homeless encampment on the banks of Kapalama Canal on Kohou Street across from HCC. After this photo was taken the City erected a fence to prevent tents from being set up. Read article</a>.

Special Report: SHELTERED LIFE

A Sheltered Life was a special report about homelessness by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

It presented interviews with homeless individuals and families and with caregivers, many photos, videos, and statistics. This report appeared in the Star-Advertiser September 7-9, 2014. Unfortunately, it is no longer on the Star-Advertiser website, but HonCC Library does have it available on microfilm. Some excerpts:

Kids at play at IHS
Children and a volunteer play together at the Institute for Human Services (IHS)

Marco Aoto on the street
Marco Aoto explains why he prefers not to live at a shelter


ProQuest: Honolulu Newspapers

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ProQuest News & Newspapers offers full-text of articles from these newspapers: the Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.  Find articles about homelessness in Hawai‘i.


HCC Library Databases

Use these HCC Library databases to get current information and different points of view.
When connecting from off-campus, use the UH Login Service - enter your University of Hawaii username and password.

SIRS Knowledge Source

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SIRS Knowledge Source (SKS) includes 4 databases: SIRS Issues Researcher, SIRS Government Reporter, SIRS Renaissance, and SIRS WebSelect. All of the articles are full-text. Photos, maps, and links to websites are also available.

For example, see these SIRS pages about



Research Databases: EbscoHost

EbscoHost logo

articles from magazines, newspapers, journals, and reference books.


Encyclopaedia Britannica ImageQuest is a collection of 3 million photographs and illustrations.

Volunteer and child at homeless shelter
A volunteer hugs a child at holiday activities at a homeless shelter in Barstow, California
Photo by Spencer Grant. Encyclopaedia Britannica ImageQuest.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

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Opposing Viewpoints in Context (OVIC) covers current, often-controversial topics. It contains different viewpoints on issues, pro-con debates, news, articles, and overview information. In addition, there may be graphics, statistics, primary source documents, and biographies. OVIC includes many essays from the Opposing Viewpoints books from Greenhaven Press.

For example, see this page for Homelessness.

A homeless man sets up a computer store on the sidewalk
A homeless man sells computers he salvaged from trash bins outside office buildings
New York City, 2002

More photos from Opposing Viewpoints

CQ Researcher

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CQ Researcher
offers topical reports on current issues. The reports are researched and written by experienced journalists and provide background information, pro-con discussions, and descriptions of the current situation.

Examples of CQ Researcher reports about homelessness:

  • Ending Homelessness.  What is the extent of homelessness in the U.S.? Can this problem be solved?

  • Housing the Homeless.  What are the best solutions? Should there be more shelters? More affordable housing?

  • Homeless Students.  According to research 75% of homeless teens drop out of school. Should more be done to address this situation?

Research Databases: Gale InfoTrac

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Find articles from magazines, newspapers, journals, and reference books.

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