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Cybersecurity: Websites

Library and online resources about computer and network security, plus alerts and updates about threats and breaches.

Government Sites

Threat of Cybercrime

The eerie hand of crime
Computer Crime. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 14 Feb 2014. <>



Free online courses about information security:

Other LibGuides

HCC's librarians create LibGuides for topics, classes, and programs.
Check out these Guides:

Internet Defense Prize

"Are you making the web safer? You deserve an award."
The Internet Defense Prize is looking for research that makes the internet more secure in meaningul ways. Up to $300,000 is offered. Find out more at Internet Defense Prize.

Computer Security on the Web

History of Computer Security Threats

From computer "bugs" and "phone phreaks" to the first worms and viruses to the massive data loss and identity theft today. Slideshow by Dell - click the link below for full-screen.

Magazine Sites

Consumer Tips

Help your users to protect themselves and their information.



Security Surveillance: eye in the sky
Security Surveillance. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 14 Feb 2014. <>

Find More Cybersecurity Sites

These directories point you to sites about computer and network security topics. These sites have been reviewed and selected by actual humans, not web-bots.

Computer Security
Sites evaluated and selected by the Internet Scout

Systems and Computer Security
Links courtesy of The Computer Information Center


Look It Up


Cybersecurity Student Association

The National Cybersecurity Student Association supports the education and professional development of cybersecurity students. Find out about scholarships, internships, jobs, competitions, conferences and other activities, and network with others in the security field.

HCC Cybersecurity Teams Score!

Hawaiʻi Advanced Technology Society, the team of students from HCC and UH West Oʻahu won the National Cyber League competition in December 2016.

HCC's CENT team tied for first place in the Hawaiʻi Annual Code Challenge (HACC) on Sep. 24, 2016, after a month-long hackathon.

HCC's Honolulu CC–CENT team placed 4th among of 129 teams from across the U.S. in the Fall 2015 National Cyber League competition.
HCC's cybersecurity team: Honolulu CC-CENT

HCC's team placed in the top three of the 2014 "At Large" regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC).


The HCC CENT team took 7th place in the Gold Division of the Fall 2014 season of the National Cyber League (NCL).
CENT team for NCL 2014

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