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Halloween: Videos

Ghost stories and hauntings from Hawaii and the Pacific

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Are Ghosts for Real?

Do you believe in ghosts and hauntings? Watch this investigation of science and the supernatural -- then decide. From National Geographic.

Paranormal Investigators

Journalists visit some of the places in the U.S. that are considered to be haunted. They test devices used by ghosthunters and interview people who believe that they have been involved with the paranormal. From National Geographic.

The Walking UN-dead

In Haiti zombies are part of everyday life. They are taken so seriously that turning a person into a zombie carries the same penalty as murder. Many Haitians believe that voodoo and science are part of the zombie procedure.


The Salem witch trials were a dark period of early American history. Were any of the accused really witches, or were they innocent? From The History Channel.

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Trick or TREAT!

Watch how candy (Milky Way bars! Tootsies!), potato chips, pretzels, snack cakes, and ice cream treats are made. From A&E.

Pumpkins Are Big Business!

Oh, no! Recent news reports announced a pumpkin shortage for fall 2015. Pumpkins are a big business, with huge demand during the Halloween season. From BBC.

Day of the Dead

Days of the Dead is a tradition in Mexico. See the calaveras - skeleton sculptures of death in many forms - and the Halloween decorations sold in the marketplace.

The Devil You Say

In this documentary, experts in history, religion, and culture examine Satan and his evolution. The film also looks at exorcisms, satanic cults, and how demons have been portrayed in the movies.

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