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Aviation Maintenance and Aeronautics : Websites

Library and online resources for aeronautics maintenance technology (AERO)

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Aircraft Maintenance Careers

Aircraft engine maintenance

Aircraft Engine Maintenance. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 21 Jan 2015.

Aloha Airlines Flight 243

Aloha Airlines 737 lost forward fuselage
In 1988 an Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 lost half of  its forward fuselage enroute to Kahului, Maui.  Flight 243 landed safely, but one flight attendant lost her life. (Photo courtesy of Transport Canada.)

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Aviation Maintenance

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance

How do human factors affect air safety? How do errors occur, and how can they be prevented?


Connect with others in the industry, find education and  training, scholarships, and jobs

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Find the definitions of aeronautics terms, abbreviations, and acronyms.

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Transmission Gears

Aircraft transmission gears
Gears From Aircraft Engine. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 21 Jan 2015.



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Asiana Flight 214

Asiana Air Boeing 777 crash at San Francisco Airport

An Asiana Air Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco Airport on July 6, 2013. Three passengers were killed and many passengers and crew were injured. The Asiana pilots suggested that the autothrottle may have malfunctioned. The NTSB investigation concluded that the crash was due to flight crew mismanagement and fatigue, with contributions from the complexity of the autothrottle and autopilot flight director systems.

Photo credit: "Asiana Air Boeing 777 Crashes At San Francisco Airport." UPI Photo Collection. 2013. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 28 May 2015.

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