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ECED 131 Early Childhood Development - Distance Ed. Class (Buxton): Library Resources

Keywords to Search with for Assignment 1

Topics for the First Assignment:

  • prenatal development
  • breastfeeding
  • birthing practices
  • brain development
  • infant

You can type the above words into the research databases by themselves or you can combine them with other topics to find more specific articles.

  • breast feeding OR breastfeeding OR breast-feeding AND brain development
  • breast feeding OR breastfeeding OR breast-feeding AND brain development AND infant

***try spelling breastfeeding various ways to find more articles on the topic***

***you can combine the search words exactly as I have done here, with the OR and AND to combine words (see diagram below for an explanation)***

***depending on the database you use, you will need to write in the age of the children (i.e. - infant, toddler, preschooler)***

Search Tips

  • DO NOT type sentences into search boxes.  Use words or phrases (see examples below)
  • AND, OR, NOT: use to narrow or broaden your search
    • cyber bullying AND suicide (results have all words - narrow)

    • natural disasters NOT hurricanes (results exclude word after NOT - narrow)

    • polar bears OR grizzly bears (results have either concept - broaden)

  • (*): use to broaden your search or find similar forms of words
    • Hawaii* = Hawaii, Hawaiian, Hawaiians
  • “”: use to search for phrases or words you want to appear together in your results
    • “black death” or “global warming”

Online Journal Articles (Research Databases)

These databases will help you locate full text scholarly journal articles.  Each database contains different journals, so you will get different results in each.  If you don't find an article that interests you in one database, try another.  

*If searching from off-campus, you will be prompted to log in with your UH Username and Password.

Films on Demand - Streaming Videos

Subject Guide

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