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Muslim Journeys: Themes

The Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys is a collection of books, films, and database resources to familiarize us with Islam and the cultural heritage of Islamic civilizations around the world.


The Bridging Cultures project organizes the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf by five Themes.

These themes serve as guides to reading, discussion, and further exploration. Visit the Theme pages to find out about the books and films, for discussion guides, and related materials.

Literary Reflections

The writers of the Literary Reflections theme express their faith and examine their traditions and beliefs and how these have influenced their lives and their communities. How does Islam guide them? The works span poetry, the oral tradition, biography, and contemporary and graphic novels.

Learn more about the books of the Literary Reflections theme.
Includes Discussion Questions.

Pathways of Faith

The Pathways of Faith theme examines how Muslims follow the Qur'an and Muhammad's teachings. What are the pathways to spiritual fulfillment? This theme also looks at the similarities and differences of the Abrahamic religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Learn more about the books of the Pathways of Faith theme.

American Stories

American Stories describes the history and experiences of Muslims in America. Muslims have been a part of U.S. history since colonial times. Thousands of Muslims were captured in Africa and sold as slaves in America. Their religion and faith enabled them to survive and endure. The books of this theme show how people of varying religious, cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds interact, and consequently reshape their individual lives and American society.

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Includes Discussion Questions.
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Art, Architecture, & Film

The Art, Architecture, and Film theme presents architecture, gardens, textiles, decorative arts, calligraphy, and miniature paintings. Islamic art includes works of art that were created for religious purposes, such as weaving a prayer rug. Islamic art also encompasses non-religious works that were created in places governed by Muslim rulers.

This theme also includes three videorecordings.

Learn more about the materials in the Art, Architecture, and Film theme.

Learn more about the Muslim Journeys films.

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Connected Histories

In the 21st century we consider ourselves linked and immediately reachable through technology. However, the world was extraordinarily connected even before the modern age. Merchants, for example, ventured across continents and oceans. Scholars and scientists reached out to their counterparts in their quests for understanding. The Connected Histories theme offers a new way to explore the relationships of Islam and the West as intertwined histories and cultures.

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Includes Discussion Questions.
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Points of View

Through news reports we read and hear about conflict and war in the Middle East. What do we know about the people who face these struggles in their daily lives? The writers of the Points of View theme give us a personal view of life, faith, inspiration, and loss.

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