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Research Challenge (Nakamoto-Levine): Quest 2 & 3: Find Articles (Journal & Newspaper)

This resource guide will assist students in completing their Research Challenge assignment for HIST 151/152 or AMST 150.

Article Databases

These databases will help you locate full text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles that are not freely available on the Internet.

Help Guides

Shows how to save, email, print, get the MLA citation for an article, read full-text of an article, and find other useful words to help you search in the databases.

Popular Magazine vs. Scholarly Journal

Its purpose is to inform or entertain Its aim is to report on scholarly research
Articles typically short in length Longer articles with in-depth analysis
Written by a reporter, journalist, or staff writer Written by a scholarly expert or specialist (credentials provided)
Articles are reviewed by editorial staff Articles are peer-reviewed & critically evaluated by scholars
Little or no references are included as support Sources are always cited in a formal bibliography
Slick & attractive in appearance with advertisements & glossy photos Very structured format: abstract, methodology, literature review, results, conclusion. No frills.
Examples: People, National Geographic, Reader's Digest Examples: Young Children, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business Review

Discover the difference between journals & magazines. [2:10]

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