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Library and online resources about hardware, networking, and other computer topics

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These mega-sites feature news, reviews, software downloads, product descriptions, how-to's, security help, tech career info

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Internet Map

This OPTE Project map depicts the Internet: Asia/Pacific - red, Europe/Middle East/Central Asia/Africa - green, North America - blue - Latin America/Caribbean - yellow, RFC1918 IP Addresses - cyan, Unknown - white

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Try these LibGuides for more computer and network topics:

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Hi-Tech Academy - Free!

The Microsoft IT Academy is now available courtesy
of the Hawai‘i State Public Library System (HSPLS).

The program offers online learning, software licenses, and official Microsoft course materials to help students toward Microsoft Office Specialist or Certified Professional Certifications.

There is also a Digital Literacy program for IT beginners.

Connect to the Hi-Tech Academy.

The programs require that the user possess a HSPLS library card and PIN.
Contact a public library for more information.

Harvard Extension School - Free!

Learn about hardware, networking, and the Internet through courses offered by the Harvard Extension School. Video lectures and online materials are provided by instructors Dan Armendariz and David Malan.

Academic Earth - FREE!

Academic Earth believes that everyone has the right to a world-class education so they provide access to free online courses from some of the top universities, including UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Notre Dame, and Harvard. 

The Academic Earth Computer Science courses include networking, robotics, computer science, programming, and more.

How to Evaluate a Website

Which websites should you trust for your research?
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More Tech Websites

These directories point you to sites about computer and network topics. These sites have been reviewed and selected by humans, not web-bots.

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