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History 151 - World History I: Find Articles & Websites

This course guide for HIST151 will assist students in finding available library resources in print and online.

Research Databases -- ARTICLES

Before you Google, try a library database!

Search Tips!

Each library database may provide varying options for searching its content. Here are some useful tips...

  • Limit your searches to FULL TEXT articles. EBSCO & InfoTrac databases allow you to limit your searches to full text sure to select the correct "check box."
  • Start your research with KEYWORDS, then see what SUBJECT TERMS or DESCRIPTORS are actually assigned to specific articles. Many databases use a controlled vocabulary of subject terms when indexing an article. Look for these terms and write them down; redo your search with the subject terms and notice how refined your results have become. Keyword searches give you flexibility; subject term searches find results with greater relevance.

General History Websites

Honolulu Community College Library
874 Dillingham Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96817
Email: Web: