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OESM 101: Find Articles

Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health


Databases can save you time searching. You can get articles that are not available in print. Login with your UH username and password from off-campus.

Multiple database search

Print Magazines and Journals

Current issues are on display. Request back issues at the Circulation Counter. Some articles are available full text online via our databases.

  • EHS today: the magazine for environment, health and safety leaders

               Full text online from 2000-present via Vocational and Career Collection       

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Professional safety

               Full text online from 1997-present via Academic Search Complete

  • Safety + health


Magazine vs. Journal...What's the difference?

Its purpose is to inform or entertain Its aim is to report on scholarly research
Articles typically short in length Longer articles with in-depth analysis
Written by a reporter, journalist, or staff writer Written by a scholarly expert or specialist (credentials provided)
Articles are reviewed by editorial staff Articles are peer-reviewed & critically evaluated by scholars
Little or no references are included as support Sources are always cited in a formal bibliography
Slick & attractive in appearance with advertisements & glossy photos Very structured format: abstract, methodology, literature review, results, conclusion. No frills.
Examples: People, National Geographic, Reader's Digest Examples: Young Children, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business Review
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