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Speech 181 - Interpersonal Communication: Find Books

This course guide for SP181 will assist students in finding available library resources in print and online.

Credo Reference E-Books


Interpersonal Communication - Read these online!

Hawaii Voyager Online Catalog

Hawaii Voyager

Use the Hawaii Voyager Online Catalog to search for books, e-books, and media.

The Basic Search is ideal if you are looking for a book by title, author, or keyword.

The Advanced Search tab allows you to find resources by subject terms, as well as to limit by location, type, or format.

Interpersonal Communication Theories:

Cognitive Dissonance
Uncertainty Reduction
Communication Accommodation
Communication Privacy Management
Expectancy Violations
Interaction Adaption
Interpersonal Deception
Social Penetration
Social Exchange
Relationship Dialectics
Lee's Typology of Love Styles
Gottman's Four Horseman
of the Apocalypse
Face Negotiation
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Social Judgement

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