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ENG 100 / CTE (Stearns): Article Analysis - Print Magazines

Writing and research resources to assist students enrolled in the Career and Technical Education programs.


To analyze is to examine something carefully to determine how all of its parts work together as a whole. Analysis also suggests a degree of critical reflection or a sense of evaluation and judgment. Some might understand "being critical" as a tendency to point out flaws; however, being critical more accurately means careful evaluation or scrutiny. Critical analysis is a process of scrutinizing something to become aware of details and how they relate to one another. Analysis is a central part of critical thinking and problem solving.

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Magazines by Subject & CTE Program

The library subscribes to a wide variety of print newspapers and magazines. Back issues of all print periodicals are held behind the Circulation Counter. Some titles may be accessible online or in microfilm format. Inquire with the Reference Librarian for additional assistance.

Crediting sources and avoiding plagiarism


It is important to document all of your sources (books, articles, websites, etc.). Regardless of the type of information -- facts, opinions, or quotations -- that you use, you must indicate where the source came from. Give appropriate credit for the words and ideas that are not your own, otherwise you risk the consequences of plagiarism.

You can avoid plagiarism by

  • making a list of the writers and viewpoints you discovered in your research and using this list to double-check the presentation of material in your paper.
  • keeping the following three categories distinct in your notes: your ideas, your summaries of others' material, and exact wording you copy.
  • identifying the sources of all material you borrow -- exact wording, paraphrases, ideas, arguments, and facts.
  • checking with your instructor when you are uncertain about use of sources.

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